The meditation taught in Such Sweet Thunder is designed to heal the wound between self and other. Step by step, the meditator is gently guided thought the stages of the primary practice meditation. With each stage another wound is healed. By gradually looking deeper into the nature of reality and healing these wounds, self and other becomes self and self, until there is nothing but Self. 

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Here are some of the first comments Christopher received on Such Sweet Thunder:

       “This book, Such Sweet Thunder, is so profoundly enlightening. I just finished reading this section of your book which brought me realize how my illness is the aftermath of lost love.. an unreleased energy still trapped within my emotions. Yes I would love to love once again.. and now I can... thanks to you.. and your mindful have inspired me..with joy.. thank you!”

       “I had the opportunity to meet Christopher and attend a guided meditation class. It was a truly fascinating experience. Chris had a very calming quality and I could see he viewed life through eyes that were wise beyond his years. I since bought “Such Sweet Thunder” and use it for my meditation reference. Chris’s methods are so accepting, forgiving, and allows the reader to go at their own pace, without the fear of “doing it wrong”. I want everyone to read this book! Highly highly recommend it!”

      “I love them this book! I love the tone in which this book is written, so patient and easy to follow. Everything is explained so fully that I honestly end up with no questions by the end as they have already been answered! There’s plenty of helpful advice to beginners - such as not to visualise parts of the body while you are scanning it, and to remember that there are no good or bad meditation sessions, and advice on how to learn to rest with discomfort and pain is very helpful.”

     “I found the meditation (in the book) easy to follow. I didn’t feel the need to have a teacher with me as the way it is written guides really well and solutions are provided to help, e.g what to do if you find yourself slipping into thinking about certain thoughts that have arisen. The examples of sensations that one might be experiencing, such as “The sensations of clothing moving across your body to accommodate for the rise and fall of the abdomen” are helpful in reminding me to increase my awareness to include each and every sensation, that as a beginner I am sometimes unaware of.” 

     "After having read in the introduction “My awareness had seemed to be expanding somehow and I had become acutely aware of a silence surrounding everything. As if the entire world was continuously arising out and returning to this silence.” I was intrigued to understand more about this. Within the meditation, “This silence is always there. Without the backdrop of silence, sounds would be inaudible, as sound can only exist against a backdrop of silence. This backdrop of silence is like a canvas upon which the universe orchestrates, each sound finding its perfect place in the rhythm of the universe” explains it beautifully."

     “I’m sure that this book will help and inspire people who are on their own path of awakening! I have definitely been inspired by these chapters and from your talks to learn more about the true nature of the transpersonal mind. I agree with you that today more than ever we need a shift in the human consciousness.” 


I am writing this book because in teaching these topics I have managed to give students a glimpse into the true nature of the transpersonal mind. And thus, insight into the human condition. It has been my experience that this insight arises in many forms, yet regardless of the form it arises in, it always serves to alleviate suffering.