Such Sweet Thunder Director and Primary Teacher Christopher Luard: 


I have been studying and practicing meditation for the past thirty years. I have received formal training in Zen, Mahamudra, Dzochen, from the Tibetan traditions, Vipassana and Vedanta from the Indian traditions, and from the more modern American traditions such as Mindfulness and Shambhala. 

     In 2001, after witnessing the tragic events of September 11th unfold in New York City, I dedicated my life to these teachings, so that I may be able to pass them on to others, with the intention of bringing about a more peaceful, loving, and compassionate worldview.

     I have been teaching worldwide since 2009, including but not limited to teaching in centers in Thailand, Colorado, New York, Malaysia, Philippines, and on residency for Celebrity Cruise Lines. In addition to this, I correspondence teach via Skype and video-chat. Such Sweet Thunder is a place where people may receive deeply profound spiritual teachings without having to commit to any particular group, religion, or philosophy. Once upon a time, these teachings were reserved for monks, nuns, or priests, while the lay students were given simpler teachings to practice and whose primary function was to support and serve the teachers and the monastery, temple, or church. In contrast to that, Such Sweet Thunder is completely egalitarian. We aim to enlighten all whom wish to receive.


Student testimonials:

  “I am suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. I have had it for twenty years and nothing seemed to help the pain, until I attended Chris’s meditation classes. Thank you Chris!”


"Chris Possesses a broad command of meditation and a deep insight into the human condition. As a meditation guide, he provides quiet direction and meaningful conclusions. 


“Chris has extensive knowledge of meditation as well as decades of authentic experience. This shines through his lectures, private instruction sessions, guided meditations, question and answer sessions, and even through casual conversations.


“Chris has been an invaluable guide in my own meditation practice and has helped me to find much insight, peace, and clarity.”