Meditation Retreats and programs are a traditional method of deepening a spiritual practice. All of the worlds Great Spirit traditions have some type of retreat, be it a spiritual journey across lands to a particular mecca, or sitting on a cushion and following the breath, the basic goal is the same: To deepen ones understanding of themselves through a spiritual practice.


THE NEW LIFE FOUNDATION. MAY 15TH-AUGUST 31ST, 2019. Chiangrai, Thailand. Christopher is happy to be holding court in this highly esteemed healing center, located in northern Thailand. Chris will be leading 5 day silent retreats, hosting Dharma talks, hosting guided meditation sessions, workshops, and one on one meditation sessions, among other things. For more information please visit

THE NEW LIFE FOUNDATION. SUCH SWEET THUNDER SILENT RETREAT. JULY 8TH-12TH, 2019. Chiangrai, Thailand. Christopher is happy to be hosting a traditional 5 day silent meditation retreat during his tenure at The New Life this summer. We will be using Chris’s book Such Sweet Thunder as a workbook for this retreat. Appropriate for all levels, beginners and advanced. All inclusive Room and Board + retreat cost is 7,500 Thai Baht. (About $235 USD) Feel free to contact The New Life Foundation for more details. Retreat will be assisted (yoga facilitated by) by Windy Gancayco

THE NEW LIFE FOUNDATION. KUAN YIN RETREAT. A RETREAT INTO COMPASSION. AUGUST 12-16TH. Chiangrai, Thailand. 5 Day Silent Retreat. Using tried and true practices in both the Theravada and Mahayana schools of Buddhism, we learn to enter and open the heart very deeply, cultivating compassion for ourselves and for others. Appropriate for all levels, beginners and advanced. All inclusive Room and Board + retreat cost is 7,500 Thai Baht. (About $235 USD) Retreat will be assisted (yoga facilitated by) by Yan Bodhini (

THE NEW LIFE FOUNDATION. EIGHT WEEK MINDFULNESS INTENSIVE. JUNE 28TH-AUGUST 23RD. Chiangrai, Thailand. Participants will join two 5 day traditional silent meditation retreats. (See Above) Participants will join a 90 minute study group once a week in which we will discuss various texts from numerous traditions, to give a broad foundation in mindfulness.(Authors will include Ken McLeod, Stephen Batchelor, Ken Wilber, And Thich Nhat Nhan) Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with Chris once a week in a one on one session format to discuss any challenges, obstacles, or insights arising as a result of the meditation practice. Participants will be immersed in a residential group in which mindfulness will be the way of life during the intensive. As such, one will have the opportunity to learn how mindfulness may enrich our lives not only in meditation but while eating, working, walking, reading, and communicating with others. Contact for details.


CELEBRITY CRUISE LINES. THE CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM. Sept 6th 2019- April 10th, 2020. Vancouver-Shanghai-Yokohama-Singapore-Hong Kong Christopher is returning for a fourth season to his home on The Celebrity Millennium. In addition to offering Mindfulness Meditation Workshops most mornings, Chris will be giving presentations on the main-stage. Topics will include The Life of The Buddha, Meditation, Buddhism and the Art of Happiness, Buddhist Mythology, The Tibetan Book of The Dead, and more. Each talk carefully crafted to accompany the ports of call. For information on cruising with Chris, please visit