Meditation Retreats are a traditional method of deepening a spiritual practice. All of the worlds Great Spirit traditions have some type of retreat, be it a spiritual journey across lands to a particular mecca, or sitting on a cushion and following the breath, the basic goal is the same: To deepen ones understanding of themselves through a spiritual practice.

MALAYSIA RESORT RESIDENCY: Tanjong Jara Resort July 1st - August 30th.  If you are planning a vacation to Malaysia, The beautiful Tanjong Jara Resort offers a once in a lifetime experience to enrich the body, mind, and spirit. Christopher is happy to have been asked to teach meditation at this wonderfully spiritual location for two months. Indeed a rare opportunity to meet with this outstanding guide in such a peaceful setting, conducive for receiving such teachings. For more information visit


PRIVATE LESSONS: Christopher offers one on one private meditation lessons via Skype and/or Video chat. Chris believes this is a great way to give very intimate, personal guidance to each student. By taking advantage of The Such Sweet Thunder model, students may receive powerful meditation teachings in a one on one setting without having to affiliate with any particular religion, temple, church, synagogue, monastery, or belief system.  The cost is on a sliding scale, and no one interested will be turned away due to lack of funds.