Meditation Retreats are a traditional method of deepening a spiritual practice. All of the worlds Great Spirit traditions have some type of retreat, be it a spiritual journey across lands to a particular mecca, or sitting on a cushion and following the breath, the basic goal is the same: To deepen ones understanding of themselves through a spiritual practice.


THE CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM, ASIA 2018.  Christopher Luard is honored to be brought back to offer his exciting, entertaining, an informative presentations as a part of Celebrity Life Beyond The Podium series. Christopher offers an in depth look at many facets of Buddhism in these presentations. The titles offered are: 

  • Buddhism and The Art of Happiness
  • The History of The Buddha
  • The Mythologies of Buddhism
  • The Evolution of Buddhism
  • Meditation        

If you are thinking of cruising in Asia, this is a wonderful way to receive these teachings and to visit the very birthplaces these teaching come from. Please visit for booking and itinerary information.


The Natural Harmony Centre. Hir Rhos Ganol, Llanerfyl, Welshpool. SY21 0EZ, United Kingdom  April 18th and April 21st

April 18th: Mindfulness Meditation Workshop. 7:00pm-8:00pm  Christopher Luard will be giving a workshop on mindfulness. Including a thirty five minute guided meditation and a question and answer period. Appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators. The fee is 15Pounds.

April 21st: Such Sweet Thunder Meditation Program. Healing the Wounds Between Self and Other. 2pm-4:30pm. Christopher Luard will be giving a workshop and instruction on the meditation program which Chris bases his school and book off of. Includes a forty five minute talk, a question and answer session, a tea and snack break, a forty five minute guided meditation and a signed copy of Christopher's book "Such Sweet Thunder". Appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators. The fee is 25Pounds. 

Please call The Natural Harmony Centre. for booking. 01938 820 663


Deb's Yoga and Fitness Studio. Pembrookshire, Wales. U.K. April 23rd and April 25th.

April 23rd and April 25th Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Christopher Luard will be giving a workshop on mindfulness. Including a thirty five minute guided meditation and a question and answer period. Appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators. Christopher gave similar sessions last year at Deb's and is delighted to be returning to this wonderful location. Truly a beautiful and intimate setting to receive and give these teachings. 


Such Sweet Thunder Meditation Retreat. FiveElements Wellness Center Hong Kong. April 28th-29th.  This is a weekend long silent meditation retreat. In this retreat we will be focusing on the meditation technique covered in the book Such Sweet Thunder. This retreat is appropriate for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students of meditation. Price will include a copy of the book. Check in 8 am-9:30am April 28th, Check out April 29th 21:00pm Price for the two days is $130 USD, not including room and board.  Please contact Christopher at to reserve. 


SPA VILLAGE RESORT TEMBOK. BALI.  May 1st-May 31st.  Jalan Singaraja-Amlapura No. 100, Desa Tembok, Tejakula, Sambirenteng, Tembok, Tejakula, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81173, Indonesia.  Christopher will be offering Mindfulness Meditation sessions twice a day at this wonderful, spiritual setting in Bali! This resort is well away from the crowds of Bali and nestled deep in the local splendor of this lush island. If you are planning to be in Bali, or would like to receive Christopher's wisdom in this extraordinary setting, this is the time to do so! 









PRIVATE LESSONS: Christopher offers one on one private meditation lessons via Skype and/or Video chat. Chris believes this is a great way to give very intimate, personal guidance to each student. By taking advantage of The Such Sweet Thunder model, students may receive powerful meditation teachings in a one on one setting without having to affiliate with any particular religion, temple, church, synagogue, monastery, or belief system.  The cost is on a sliding scale, and no one interested will be turned away due to lack of funds.