New Such Sweet Thunder interview podcast recorded with Jamez Wilson. Inside we discuss the Such Sweet Thunder meditation method and a few of the many benefits of a consistent meditation practice

Chris Luard reviews the core principles of Buddhism and how it influences his meditation practice and teachings.

In this Podcast Clint Sabor from The Contemplative Light talks with Christopher about various meditation techniques, mindfulness, and the meditation instructions and practices that he uses with his own students.

This is a great podcast for someone who has been meditating for awhile already, but has lots of deeper, unanswered curiosities. We go pretty deep and in depth, and this is only our first conversation of many to come.

Among other topics, we cover:

1. Tibetan Buddhist practices

2. Secular mindfulness meditation

3. Techniques with breathing, sensation, and visualization

4. Crossing thresholds of fear and dark nights of the soul

I am very excited to announce the release of the fourth podcast with spiritualist Clint Sabom. In this podcast we discuss Meditation with the eyes open, mindfulness, finding the Self within. and much more!!