Meditation Presentation Bootleg. March 2019

A very thorough explanation of the Such Sweet Thunder meditation practice, how it applies to Buddhism, and a few of the benefits of such a practice. May All Benefit

Buddhism and the Art of Happiness 2019

In this presentation given onboard the Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship I discuss the Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path and how the allow us to lead a happier life.


Meditation 2019

In this presentation I discuss Mindfulness meditation. How the technique is done and I outline some of the many benefits of such a practice. May All Benefit

In this warmhearted presentation I discuss the practice of Lovingkindness (Metta) I outline how the practice can be done, and some of the many benefits of Metta. May All Benefit.


A Fascinating talk given by Chris detailing the life of Siddhartha Gotama Buddha, his birth, growing up, how Siddhartha attained his Enlightenment, and then outlining in detail The Buddha's first teachings and how they apply to modern life.

This talk was given on The Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship March, 2019.