When Ananda asked the Buddha if he thought friends made up at least half of the spiritual path, the Buddha replied "Not half Ananda...all of the spiritual path depends on good friends" 

That being said, Such Sweet Thunder has been fortunate enough to make some wonderful friends, out of which fruitful, healing relationships have developed. The following is a list of these collaborations. Christopher appears typically once a year at one of these locations. 

Celebrity Cruise Lines (Onboard the Celebrity Millennium Cruising Asia Sept 2019-April 2020.)

The New Life Foundation

WellnessLand Wholeness Center (Cebu, Philippines)

Gassho Center for The Healing Arts (Cebu, Philippines)

Deb's Yoga and Fitness Center ( Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Natural Harmony Centre (Welshpool, Wales)

Oscillation Yoga (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Contemplative Light (Atlanta, GA. USA)

Living Yoga Dallas (Dallas, Texas. USA)

My Temple Yoga (Dallas, Texas. USA)